Today’s blog is to give you an example of how to expand your brand out through social media with video. Recently I had a testimonial and speaker’s reel completed to  showcase my differential, my brand and help  make me unforgettable.  The aha moments many people have experienced – individuals,company, organizations . Hear  Marsha Diamond-Testimonial and Speaker’s Reel here.  How have you stepped out through social media to get your brand-services or goods out to the masses?  Do you find social media a good marketing tool? I look forward to hearing how you are using social media too.

2 thoughts on “EXPANDING MY BRAND

  1. Nice post – couldn’t agree more. Social Media is all about helping people build their own brand – faster, deeper and at a much lower cost.

    From being a strategic social media consultant, speaker and author, I have seen and heard thousands of comments and stories. What comes back from all of this is that people want to get “noticed” and they want to be “heard/seen” and they want others to “talk about them”. This is the core of what social media offers and your illustration of this and story are spot on. Nicely done…


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